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5 Popular Wedding Venues

   Wedding Venues in Reading, PA

Few events compare to weddings when it comes to planning and coordination. So much careful thought goes into making the wedding day a memorable and inspirational moment in time for all who attend. Each couple wants their wedding to be unique and special in its own way. They must decide what sort of budget they have to work within and pick a location that will facilitate their desires and needs. Selecting a location can be done once a theme has been assigned to the wedding or sometimes the reverse is true and a theme may be chosen after the location matter has been settled. There are many types of weddings and many locations and themes, or venues, to choose from. Here are just a few.

1. Traditional Church Hall

Often within the church of one's membership, but not necessarily, this is the classic wedding most of us are familiar with. It can be very simple or quite grand, depending on what a couple wishes to put into decorations and outfits. This is probably the most traditional venue and popular venue.

2. The Barn Wedding

Gaining more and more popularity is the barn wedding. It adds a rustic, country flavor to the whole event. It takes some clean-up and decorating to accomplish the right effect. Usually the reception takes place within as well. It can be a wonderful way to keep a wedding light and fun.

3. Classy Hotel Wedding

Wedding Venues in Reading, PA

For something more elegant and formal, a couple may prefer a fashionable hotel wedding. Many fine hotels offer excellent wedding venues in Reading, PA for a truly refined ceremony. Historic hotels are especially nice for their classic appeal. The advantage hotel weddings have over other venues is that the often have excellent accommodations for wedding, reception, and visiting relatives who need to stay over. Hotel weddings are certainly nice if a couple can afford one.

4. Beach Wedding

Probably the most casual wedding is the beach wedding. A beach wedding can be very special to ocean lovers especially, with the waves sweeping in from the sea and the natural beauty all around. Often the dress is clean and coordinated yet quite casual compared to other wedding attires. The trouble with beach weddings is coordinating with the weather. It is wise, for this reason, to have a back-up location or have the ceremony under a pavilion or other outside structure.

5. The Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings can be extravagant or very casual depending on budget and backyard. Such weddings can create some truly wonderful moments at home. Once again, the hazard of outdoor weddings is inclement weather. Consider using an outdoor structure or tent. Just having a tent available may make for a good alternative plan if needed.

Wedding Venues in Reading, PA

As one can see there's a lot of different ways to make the wedding day a very special day. There are many creative venues for a couple to utilize and add a theme to. Some venues practically come with a theme attached. One thing to remember is to always have backup plans. Sadly, the perfect day doesn't always go perfectly. With the right venue, planning, and backup planning it will still be inspiring and wonderful.



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