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4 Tips For Planning The Best Wedding Menu


One of the best parts of any wedding reception is the food. From a fancy five-star dinner to a casual picnic-style meal, the food at a wedding is one of the stars of the show. Your guests come ready to celebrate your union, dance, and eat, so feed them right!

Here are some tips for keeping your party-goers happy, having an awesome reception, and creating an affordable wedding menu youíll never forgot!

1. Check Your Venue

The first thing you should do when you start to plan the feast at your wedding is to check with your wedding rental space. Make sure the space you booked for your reception allows outside catering. This is usually discussed while youíre touring the venue, but it can be an overlooked detail that may end up costing you in the end. If you didnít check in advance, you donít want to book a catering company and end up having to pay cancellation fees if your venue doesnít allow outside catering after all.

If you want the all-inclusive experience of your venueís kitchen, donít worry about asking. But, outside catering can save a lot of money in some cases.

2. Consider BYOB

Alcohol can be one of the most expensive ticket items for your wedding day. You probably want to avoid spending a majority of your budget on alcohol, so consider asking your guests to bring their own bottle of wine or a case of beer to contribute to the party! Most times, your loved ones will be more than willing to bring what theyíd like to drink.

If you donít want to ask people to BYOB, consider just serving beer and wine. Itís much cheaper than mixed drinks, and will last a lot further into the night!

3. Bring On The Buffet

You may want the elegance and experience of a sit-down dinner for your wedding reception, but going with a buffet-style meal could save you a lot of money in the long run. The costs really go up when your catering company has to bring extra staff in to serve your guests at a sit-down dinner.

Your wedding dinner can be just as great in a buffet-style. Guests have the freedom to control their portions and avoid what they donít want. Youíll really save on the amount of wasted food and wasted dollars at the end of the night.

With a buffet-style dinner, you can pick your favorite restaurants in Lancaster, PA to cater your special day. So whether you love pasta, tikka masala, or wings, you and your guests can have what they really want!

4. Simplify Your Wedding Cake

Weddings arenít complete without a delicious slice of wedding cake. But, the times are changing and more couples choose to branch out into creative desserts to round out their wedding menu! Wedding cakes can be beautiful, but equally as expensive. So instead of pouring a lot of your budgets into a wedding cake, come up with another creative dessert to serve your guests.

You could serve cupcakes, pie, or even have a bar full of bulk candies! The options are endless, and sweet!



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