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Gone are the days of traditional church or meeting hall weddings. As of late, weddings have become more casual and less structured. With a trend in laid-back weddings comes a trend in laid-back settings. More and more couples are choosing to ditch the indoors and have an intimate backyard wedding!

If you think a casual, cozy wedding sounds perfect for you; you should consider having a backyard wedding. Here are some tips for creating a truly dreamy backyard wedding.

Set The Stage

You want to make sure youíve chosen a backyard that will meet the needs of your wedding party and all of your guests. If youíve chosen to get married in your own backyard or your parentís or friendís backyard, you want to make sure you set the stage for a great reception. Youíre probably saving a lot of money by not renting a wedding venue, so take what youíre saving and invest in a tent and a dancefloor.

Thereís nothing worse than having your wedding shut down by the elements or guests ruining their shoes in the grass and mud. Invest some money into renting a tent. This way, your guests can be comfortably shielded from any inclement weather.

Go a step further and rent a dancefloor to go with the tent. A beautiful wooden floor instantly adds some class to a regular white tent and will increase the comfort level of your wedding guests. You donít want your guests struggling to pull their heels out of the mud! Even better, youíll also save your backyard from a lot of wear and tear!

Invest in Landscaping

Flowers are a wedding cost that people often donít want to pay. While they look beautiful, they donít last long and end up being a poor investment. If youíre having a backyard wedding, think about investing the money you would have in cut flowers into the landscaping of the property.

Adding some lovely flowers and shrubs to the existing lawn can help create a beautiful backdrop for your vows and reception. If you choose annual plants, theyíll likely come back year after year. This means the money you spend on the landscaping isnít wasted. You can enjoy the flowers and be reminded of your special day for years to come!

Add Personal Touches

Garden Gazebo

Think of your backyard as a blank canvas. If you did spice-up the space with fresh landscaping, youíre halfway there to making your backyard all about you and your partner! You probably have a color-scheme for your wedding, but consider going further and creating a theme. Maybe your outdoor venue can turn into an enchanted forest or a tropical oasis. Just because youíre having your wedding in a backyard doesnít mean you canít transport your guests to another place!

You can even invest in something like a gazebo from San Francisco or other outdoor structures for your nuptials. This would be an outdoor structure that could play into your theme perfectly and stay in your backyard forever. Every time you sit in your outdoor gazebo, youíll be reminded of your wedding day!



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