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Find the best hotels and restaurants in Lancaster & Reading, PA, gorgeous gazebos, and so much more to complete your special day!


We would like to share and celebrate ideas and information on weddings and all the planning and creativity that goes into making that special day happen in a magnificent way! Take some time to peruse articles on all aspects of wedding-related stuff.

Weddings in Lancaster PA

Selecting From Among the Many Wedding Venues

There are a lot of themes and venues to pick from when deciding the direction of a wedding. There may also be a few some couple might not have considered. Many things should be considered when selecting the venue. A couple should do something that is special to both of them but also considering those close to them. A couple will also want to pick a venue that guests can easily make it to and that will accommodate a stay if they're coming from a great distance.

A couple will have many options like whether the wedding will be inside or outdoors. Some weddings are more casual such as backyard or beach weddings. Others tend to be more formal as in the case of wedding in the historic Abraham Lincoln Reading Hotel.

Hotels and Convention Halls

Hotels and convention halls are becoming ever more popular for hosting weddings. A fine hotel can be surpassingly accommodating for just such an event. Most hotels offer beautiful banquet rooms and historic architecture that lends beauty and refinement as well as generous space for this type of occasion. Vast rooms, with large gatherings in mind, will grant ample room for both ceremony and reception. The staff on hand make the hotels in Lancaster, PA ideal in the situation of serving food and welcoming guests in a proficient and professional manner. For such a formal affair, a couple would do well to have the elegant accents afforded by a hotel.

Wedding Venues

Weddings in Lancaster PA

Part of planning a wedding is creative design. To achieve something creative and inspiring, one will want to look into obtaining wedding rentals. There are plenty of wedding venues in PA if you want a rustic, but modern and elegant wedding reception to have outside.

Often these rentals offer unique and thrilling items that are gorgeous and really lend much to enhance the theme. Special glasses, gorgeous silverware, you can find all sorts of things to make a wedding design that will impress and enthrall.

A Restaurant Reception

Very often a restaurant is chosen for a wedding reception. It's a great idea, too. Taj Lancaster Restaurant has all the staff and equipment on site combined with the know-how that comes from years of experience to make an excellent spread of delicious food for the wedding party and guests.

Many restaurants host receptions. This means they have all the flatware, fine dishes and serving equipment the event could possibly need. There's also the warm ambience of a good restaurant to add to the affair. Seating and tables are plentiful, usually decked out with fine tablecloths and gorgeous center pieces.

A restaurant reception takes all the hard work out of planning and coordinating the food. As a part of a restaurant, the employees there have all the experience and skills they need to execute their roles flawlessly.

A Beautiful Pavilion Wedding

Outdoor weddings are very popular in the spring and summer. One of the best venues is certainly the one that nature provides. Pavillions make a splendid centerpiece in the middle of it all. It provides an elegant accent to the whole event. If the cake has a topper then, in a similar fashion, an outdoor wedding has pavillions.



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